2019 International Mechatronics Conference and Exhibition

2019 Oct 23 - 25

Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK

The Mechatronics Conference and Workshop will be held 2019 Oct 23 - 25 at OklahomaState University, Stillwater, OK. The conference and workshop are motivated by the demand of the next generation multi-disciplinary workforce in industries. This conference is intended to bring together academic professionals and industry in mechatronics, robotics, and other electromechanical/electrohydraulic fields to provide the participants an opportunity to stay up to date with the incredible dynamic growth in the Mechatronics field. Keynotes from academia and specialized industry professionals, technical sessions, and the post-conference workshops are designed to benefit a wide range of participants including educators teaching mechatronics, robotics, dynamics, and control courses, graduate and undergraduate students seeking academic careers in mechatronics and robotics, and industry professionals desiring to shape the future workforce. Nevertheless, the conference will provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to develop relationships with peers from academia and industry and network with product distributors and manufacturers. Coupled with this conference there will be several workshops for hands-on learning opportunities in the field of mechatronics. Early registration is encouraged to take advantage of workshops. Conference seating is limited.

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, Oct 23

CEAT Endeavor Lab Wes Watkins Center

Thursday, Oct 24

Wes Watkins Center

Friday, Oct 25

Wes Watkins Center


Research and Education at the Convergence of Frontier Technologies

By Prof. Vikram Kapila

This talk will review the trajectory of  education and research activities that began with control technology, transitioned to mechatronics, evolved into robotics, and now has led to convergence research on frontier technologies (robotics, AI, AR/VR, and blockchain).

Vikram Kapila is a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, where he directs a Mechatronics, Controls, and Robotics Laboratory; a Research Experience for Teachers Site in Mechatronics and Entrepreneurship; a DR K-12 and an ITEST STEM education research project; all funded by NSF. His research interests are in control system technology, mechatronics, robotics, and STEM education, with current focus on research @ the convergence of frontier technologies (e.g., robotics, AI, AR/VR, blockchain, among others). He is an author or co-author of more than 220 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, including edited books, book chapters, journal papers, and conference proceeding articles. He has received five teaching awards and a leadership award, all at NYU Tandon. Moreover, he is a recipient of 2014-2015 University Distinguished Teaching Award at NYU. He directs K-12 education, training, mentoring, and outreach programs that annually enrich the STEM education of over 1,000 students.

Not deep learning but open innovation learning; Concept model for humanitarian machine learning

By JinHyo Joseph Yun

What do we need for sustainable artificial intelligence that is not harmful but beneficial human life? This study builds up the interaction model between direct and autonomous learning from the human’s cognitive learning process and firms’ open innovation process. It conceptually establishes a direct and autonomous learning interaction model. When autonomous learning happens, the units of knowledge determinations that arise from indirect learning are separated. They induce not only broad autonomous learning made through the horizontal combinations that surpass the combinations that occurred in direct learning but also in-depth autonomous learning made through vertical combinations that appear so that new knowledge is added. The core of the interaction model between direct and autonomous learning is the variability of the boundary between proven knowledge and hypothetical knowledge, limitations in knowledge accumulation, as well as complementarity and conflict between direct and autonomous learning. Therefore, these should be considered when introducing the interaction model between direct and autonomous learning into navigations, cleaning robots, search engines, etc. In addition, we should consider the relationship between direct learning and autonomous learning when building up open innovation strategies and policies.

Dr. JinHyo Yun is a professor and principal researcher at DGIST which is one of 4 Korea National Science and Technology focused universities. He is the founder of SOItmC, openinnovationtmc.org, which is one of the world top academic societies in open innovation and business model study. He published more than 100 articles at the global top journals such as Technology Forecasting and Social Change, CITIES, Sustainabilities, Oxford Journal of Science and Public Policies, European Planning Studies. et al. He owns more than 40 Business Model patents (22 registered) and commercialized 6 of them. His vision of the study is "Let us conquer the growth limits of capitalism".

Call for Abstracts

The 1st Mechatronic Conference invites researchers, educators, and industry professionals to submit abstracts for presentations at the conference in Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK. This conference's theme is mechatronics, robotic systems, and education focusing on a wide range of topics.

Topics of interest:

The conference will feature a wide range of exciting keynote talks from academia and industry professionals. The conference gives a great opportunity to Network with experts, researchers, and up-and-coming leaders in the field of mechatronics.

We welcome abstracts of both applied and theoretical research related to the field of mechatronics as mentioned in the focus area. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed. The authors will be notified of the acceptance/ rejection based on content, available space, and overall program balance. Both oral and poster presentations will take place during the conference. Abstract can be submitted via email: mechatronics@okstate.edu.

Important Dates:


EET and MET Reunion for OSU Alumni

In a joint effort with the 2019 International Mechatronics Conference and Exhibition, OSU-EET and OSU-MET will be hosting the first ever reunion on 2019 Oct 24. Please join us to reconnect with former college alumni and friends, meet the current and some retired faculty while networking with some inspiring individuals. Come see how OSU, EET, and MET are continuing to improve the quality of our programs to support our education efforts.

Dinner will be provided and some activities or presentations will be given.

If you want to talk about your college/industry experience, company, research, or any topics for recruiting purpose, please let us know in advance.

Please register by Sep. 30, 2019.


The Atherton Hotel at OSU

$109.95 - $119.95 room rate
2019 Oct 22 - 26
H-103 Student Union
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078
(405) 744-6835

Home2 Suites by Hilton

$89.00 room rate
2019 Oct 22 - 26
306 E Hall of Fame
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078
(405) 372-2550

Fairfield by Marriott Stillwater

$81 room rate
2019 October 22 - 26
Last Day to Book: 2019 October 1
418 E Hall of Fame Ave
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74075


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